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Customer service satisfaction survey

Is it a good idea to use a celebrity to endorse you?

SUMMARY: How much would you pay a famous athlete or movie star to endorse your company? Is it really worth the investment? Are there better ways of spending your money? Have you ever seen celebrities endorse a company? I’m talking about a movie star or sports figure who is promoting a product or service. Is it really worth the money to pay money to endorse your company? Should you hire a celebrity endorser? To answer… Continue Reading »

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18 ways to improve your ads and brochures

1. Get your message in the headline. The headline should tell the whole story—including the brand name and key consumer promise. Avoid blind headlines that tell nothing. 2. Flag your prospect. Select your audience by appealing to the reader’s self-interest. 3. Offer a benefit in the headline. Headlines that promise a benefit sell more than those that don’t. Make the benefit quickly apparent. Make the benefit easy to get. 4. Inject news in your headline.… Continue Reading »

Businesswoman reading newspaper

Does anyone read printed newspapers anymore?

SUMMARY: Newspapers are not dead. At least, not yet. Did you know that 57% of adults still read a daily printed newspaper? And 22% of all ad dollars still go to newspapers. Should newspapers be part of your media mix? If you’re considering advertising in the newspaper, don’t throw the idea out the window just yet. Did you know that 57% of adults still read the newspapers? And 22% of all advertising dollars still go… Continue Reading »

Hands of medical doctor with money.

Would you pay a doctor a yearly convenience fee?

SUMMARY: Some doctors have now started charging their patients up to $120 per year just the for the just for the privilege of being a patient in their office. Who do they think they are—Ticketmaster? Would you pay this fee? There was an article on the front page of USA Today that said, “Doctors Tack On Fees For Patients.” And the first paragraph continued: “A growing number of doctors across the country are boosting revenue… Continue Reading »

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Is it possible to earn $1.8 million—with no risk?

SUMMARY: I saw an ad that promised to make me $1.8 million richer. Do you believe it? Neither did I. The ad was a lie. If you want to have a successful ad, you need to be credible. The headline read: “How to be $1,835,360 richer. Win 95.12% of all trades.” It was an ad for trading options. Do you believe that headline? Neither do I! Somebody once told me that if it’s too good… Continue Reading »

Male student holding money and a piggybank

Why would a college offer a 40% discount?

SUMMARY: Have you heard about that girl who just graduated from college with $80,000 in student loans? Ouch! What a terrible predicament. This girl should have gone to Hiram College in Ohio. They are offering a 40% summer semester discount. Guess what? Enrollment increased. Mmm… I wonder why. In your business, it’s all about the offer. Your customers are asking: What’s in it for me? Have you heard about that girl who just graduated from… Continue Reading »


Is it time for you to start advertising in lavatories?

SUMMARY: You’ve seen advertising in airports. Have you seen advertising in the airplane cabin itself? We can’t get away from advertising! Should you advertise inside airplanes? It depends. The trick with choosing the right media is figuring out if it’s effective and efficient. Have you considered giving away your product as a media? How about a joint promotion with another business? Think outside the box when choosing media. It looks like we cannot get away… Continue Reading »

Close-Up of French Toast with Butter and Syrup

Would you get up at 5:00 a.m. for free French toast?

SUMMARY: On Saturday morning I drove by a cafe and noticed that every seat was filled and people were lined up out the door. It was the day before Father’s Day and they were offering free French toast to all fathers. What do you offer to drive traffic to your business? The Saturday before Father’s Day I drove by a cafe at 7:30 in the morning. The place was packed and I wondered why every… Continue Reading »